(us in our various cosplay  + bonus shot of the Arcane Green Lantern we made for our client on our client for PAX East this year; photocredit: IC photobooth, Harry Teasley, Ed Hull, Scott Chipman)
So PAX East 2014 is over! It was pretty fun- though arguably our most exhausting PAX ever. It was super awesome that we got exhibitor badges from turbine and got to help promote the game (plus being able to hang out on the cushy floor & eat inside the booth were added bonuses)- on the flip side, it meant we didn’t move around as much so we saw less people/stuff (as we have in past years). It was also really neat to watch the pro matches of the game- they were more enthralling then I expected them to be. Going to the IC launch party was actually a lot of fun too (got to hang out with some of the other cosplayers that came to the meetup and actually chat, which is pretty much my favorite part of cons after interacting with small children).

Wearing my Atomic Wonder Woman again was the best ever, so hopefully I’ll get to wear her again at another con (might have to bring her back to DCon…). GasCat came out pretty well too and had a good reception (I have to get a different  wig since it kind of came apart towards the end of con).

We met some awesome other cosplayers at the meetup too (the truly excellent Slumber Party Harley that came said my AWW had inspired her which was pretty much the most flattering thing anyone’s said to me, so that was awesome.). Also one woman asked me if I modeled which was also really flattering (and something I’ve certainly never heard before, so there’s that).

I’ll be doing a build write-up for how I made all of Gaslight Catwoman soonish (I’ll probably post a shortened version here and the full version on our website ) as well as our combined write ups for  Arcane Green Lantern (our client only wore him for the meetup and a few hours around it, since it was really warm/heavy costume) and Nightmare Superman.

But yeah, post pax I’m pretty sore (I have weird cosplay related bruises/scratches everywhere) but it was fun. Hope everyone else had an excellent time as well!

If anyone managed to catch a pic of us, it would be awesome to see them! You can share them here, or on our facebook page or via email :)

and now it is time for brunch! wooo brunch!