woo more wips! ahhh pax is sooo soon. We’re NEARLY done with Arcane Green Lantern (mostly just painting/sealing, armor attachments at this point) and then it will go off to its new owner (and by go off, Josh will bring them to him and show him how everything works, and then hopefully we can get some nice pictures of it from Pax East). And I will never work with this much green paint EVER AGAIN.

Gaslight Catwoman is also like 85% done. As you can see the hand claws are all done and reassembled and they look completely bad ass (so that’s awesome). Just have to finish the skirt/crinoline (which i might just nix and make a bustle/bum pad for instead for convenience), seal the boots and do the straps/collar for the corset get up. I also might sew in wig clips but that’s sort of minor.

and then the rest of the week, will be Nightmare Superman (josh is working on building the armor for that today).