Bunch O’WIPS! Getting close to done with gaslight catwoman (hopefully by tomorrow/thursday): the mask is nearly done (just needs the strap in the back), the gauntlets are being painted (and then josh will re-assemble them), corset is mostly done (need to figure out the straps and how they attach to the collar), shoes are being sealed (and then i can add the straps). Still need to finish the skirt and possibly do a test run of everything together (and figure out the garter straps, might just attach them to my booty shorts so i don’t need to worry about it).

Also more Arcane Green Lantern WIPS- our client provided us with the boots and we’ve added modifications (toe armor, green lantern ornamentation) which I’m in the process of painting. XD

(you can also see the test dummy for the airbrush stuff i’ve been doing for josh’s nightmare superman suit on the side there)