So we are back from NYCC 2013! We had a lot of fun this year. It was really enjoyable to be at the DC booth with the Infinite Crisis peeps promoting the game and doing pics/chatting with people who came by. I also *love* wearing my atomic wonder woman costume and having that humungous chain saw (people’s reactions when I go by are always the best). HUGE HIGHLIGHT! I got to meet Dan DiDio, one of the senior DC guys! He was so cool and nice and it was incredibly awesome to meet him!

It was also nice to get out on the floor a little bit (though we weren’t really able to  much with our huge costumes) and of course to see all our awesome cosplay friends (and make new ones). Our gaslight hawks got a nice send off sunday morning too (they are now semi-retired), before we changed into plains-clothes and were able to actually *see* the con and buy stuff! We got the coolest new Hawkman & Hawkgirl art, as well as the Cliff Chiang Joan Jett Wonder Woman print (which I  *LOVE*) and one of the amecomi Hawkgirl figurines. Also I got a plush fox squirrel from Nausicaa so guess I’ll be doing a cosplay from that in the future (I cannot stop cuddling it).

it is super nice to be home though, my cat is soo needy. she’s all curled up next to me furiously purring (she would be in my lap, but she decided the laptop was not comfortable)

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