Bunch of atomic hawk girl WIPS! Patterning out how I want the skirt to look before cutting out the sexy crocodile printed leather (it is so sexy! i cannot wait!) and started some work on the wig. also watching fringe as background noise b/c I love fringe (one day, I will convince Josh to do casual fringe cosplay with me because I <3 Olivia/Fauxlivia)

and wooooooo! 300 followers! *waves* thanks, everyone for following me!!! <3

Tonight’s painting progress! Adding the greenish/purplish sheen to the chest armor and the belt (before anyone starts yelling at me about fenris having no green in his outfit, I’m partially going off the original concept art for my genderbent this time round which is distinctly more colorful than his in game outfit).

Also painting the Empress’  point- it’s an orlesian sword so if I ever decide to do Inquisition cosplay, I can always reuse it (hahaha probably not…probably keep cosplaying Fenris :P). This is the side that will be towards my back and unfortunately the weathering picked up the embed magnet that will allow it to magically float on my back..alas.

bunch of lady fenris WIPS. chugging away-hopefully I can finish most of Fenris by Monday and get started on Dudebela and Atomic Hawkgirl’s leatherworking stuff.

Mostly just staining  the belt and the bodice (things that can be stained at the moment) and patterning out the shoulder armor (final version will have the characteristic feathers ofc). Considering making the gauntlets leather too (woo added challenge!)

Got a few more shots back from CTCon (and then I’ll stop till Dragon Con)

top: We were lucky enough to run into Beat Down Boogie (we met them last year at Dragon Con! They do some of the best cosplay music videos around!) and they took some video as well as this still! Can’t wait to see the video!

bottom: Lovely shot by Jon Decker Photography! The colors really pop nicely for this one.

I think for Dragon Con, I’ll definitely bring our maliwan sniper rifle (just for some different poses) plus I’ll be able to get out my sword too (totally forgot to get it peace bonded at ct con-oops!). Definitely going to amp up the cel shading on my arms and maybe a little more on my face (and we’ll do airbrush stencil tattoos for Josh- ended up resorting to painting them on with acrylics the day of and I’m not super happy with them). 

In case anyone’s wondering, I use a stila intense black eyeliner pen for all our skin cel-shading (and then just normal makeup for me). It works great on lips too! Can do a more formal tutorial if anyone really wants (but there are so many great tutorials out there already!).

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