More progress on Fenris today- doing the stupid little side bags (which actually take FOREVER to do…so many tiny stitches). Was originally going to do one more in the back but since my ridiculously enormous sword is going to go there (and again, they take forever and are really fiddly because they’re soo teeny), I decided against it.

Next I have to stain/seal these guys, seal the buckle and attach it to the belt and the restain/seal the belt. and then the BELT will be done.

Out of tiny rivets for the gauntlets, so trying to finish up the rest of Fenris’ armor today. Had to mold the wonderflex to my body with the torso armor on so figured we’d take a picture! Gonna have to add some padding to the bra cups of this thing otherwise it’s going to chafe like a mofo (also have to stain a few bits some more and add the straps). But my boobs look good so that’s one thing (josh laughs at me every time I comment on how a costume makes my boobs look…).

once the breast plate armor thing (calling it a breast plate is a bit of a stretch) has cooled down, i’ll add rivets (probably faux rivets) and gesso/paint and it should look pretty good. ahh getting closer!

Fenris gauntlet progress! Pretty pleased with how this is turning out actually (achievement unlocked: leather gauntlets). There will be a strap across the hand and obviously more up the forearm to the elbow (where there will be more feather spikes! all of the spikes! muahahahaha!). and then I will stain it silver/black and probably do some buffing with silver paint to make it look metallic-y. I can actually sort of use my fingers in these which is tres exciting.

Finished sewing the skirt and now on to staining! Omg, I love this Eco Flo waterstain so much! It mixes with other colors really well (this is a mix of gold and red) and both still come through! So pretty! I’m really pleased with it (also this crocodile-stamped cow hide- it picks up the stain so well and I love the way the different textures work together)

also working on staining fenris’ shoulder and knee armor- i can’t remember if i posted progress pics of this stuff or not. I’m doing that thing that Josh hates where I’m working on three costumes at once!

Bunch of atomic hawk girl WIPS- working on the skirt, just have to finish attaching the buckles and maybe do a bit of molding, then it’s time to stain! hooray!

Nikita was helping me today (she feels that no muslin is complete without the addition of cat fur) so have some pictures of my cat as well!

Also Josh got his hat for Naoto and his vest for Dudebela and I made him pose in them (I’m going to be the grabbiest Fenris ever). Now I have to make coats for both cosplays (and do the armor for dudebela). oof.

Bunch of atomic hawk girl WIPS! Patterning out how I want the skirt to look before cutting out the sexy crocodile printed leather (it is so sexy! i cannot wait!) and started some work on the wig. also watching fringe as background noise b/c I love fringe (one day, I will convince Josh to do casual fringe cosplay with me because I <3 Olivia/Fauxlivia)

and wooooooo! 300 followers! *waves* thanks, everyone for following me!!! <3