It's funny that you put words in my mouth to make yourself seem better than me. People like me just fine, and I don't think I've ever asked why I haven't "landed" a hot girl yet, like women are property to be acquired. If you had actually read the posts I made I was curious as to why any girl at all doesn't seem to pay me a lick of attention despite the fact that I'm polite, well dressed and clean. The only logical conclusion is my weight.



Um, no. The only logical conclusion is your winning (not) personality. If you were truly polite, you wouldn’t be trolling other people on the internet or attempting to shame them for doing something they enjoy doing which has ZERO impact on you and your general enjoyment of life.

Perhaps you should work on being nicer. And not another internet troll who tries to shame *fantastic* cosplayers for enjoying their hobby and not fitting into your idealized vision of what cosplayers should look like. Just a thought.

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Cosplay Tip: Did you accidentally tint the hell out of your  plastic  visor (motorcycle, zer0 helmet, etc) to the point where you cannot actually see out of it? Can’t figure out how to remove it?

Put some masking tape on it. Let it sit for a little while (preferably outside). Peel off the tape- most of the tint will come off with it. Keep applying tape and removing the tint until you’re happy with it. Then you can re-apply the tint as you like (do this at the end of painting because as mentioned, masking tape will remove the tint)

(so happy accident, now i have to re-tint my AHG helmet’s visor, but I might actually have some vision out of it nwo)


I’ve been wanting to do a giveaway for a while now, and now that I am around 300 followers I figured it’s a good time!

-Pre ordered  copy of the Dragon Age Inquisition Artbook.
-Your pick of a Mabari OR Nug Plush (Just one!)
-A digital colored image of your Warden/Hawke/Or Inquisitor drawn by yours truly. More samples of my art here. I will need reference pictures OR a really good description. 

-Since it’s a follower giveaway, you gotta be following me.
It’s okay if you start following now but please follow because you think my blog is decent and stick around. Not just for the giveaway and bailing. I have no control over that but I would feel pretty crappy if that happened.

-You have to be comfortable with giving me your address.
As of right now I’ll only ship to US/Canada. I am doing research right now to figure out about oversea S&H but just to ship a plush it’s telling me $20+ (If anyone has experience with shipping overseas and has a cheaper method please message me! I’d like to open this up to everyone!) 

-The book is a preorder item. I’ll pay for the full thing, but Amazon says it’s not released until Nov 18th so you will get it around then. I’ll send you a confirmation number once I place the order. 

-No Giveaway blogs.

-Likes and reblogs count. Be nice to your followers though.

-Winners will be chosen by a random number generator. Make sure you have your ask box open around that time, winners will have 24 hours to respond or I’ll just chose another winner.

Giveaway will end August 31st (Midnight PST) and a winner will be chosen shortly after <3

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Atomic Hawk girl wips-

Buzz mace! It’s nearly done. Unfortunately the motor was too big (kind of ruined the profile of it), so it is no longer motorized, but I still think it looks pretty awesome. We’re also going to add some red EL wire to the inside blade so it can have an ominous red glow and everything. eeee! so excited.

Also making lots of progress on the wing- almost done with one side of one wing. And then I get to do the other side (though that’s slightly easier because I’ll just replicate what’s on the first side) and then the whole second wing. So many signs. Some of them are Hawkman/Hawkgirl locale specific though-see if you can spot it ;)

Finally working on finishing AHG’s armor (still have two more largish pieces to do- a pauldron and a vambrace), because then I have to do Atomic Hawkman’s armor and paint that.

Tomorrow I’ll probably try to finish up this wing, start the next and start the helmet (got my special automotive sand paper in so I can)

And a few more. Some of these are silly- we did a few of Dudeabela hitting on Femris b/c that’s what happens in the game (hehe party banter) and then their relationship evolves (if you don’t romance one or the other that is)

Cosplayers: Tori McKenna (Me!) & Josh Phelan, Cool By Proxy Productions
Characters: Femris & Dudeabela (Fenris/Isabela- original genderbent design, Dragon Age 2)
Photographer: Jeff Paradiso, Photo Paradiso